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Assalamu alaikum. Jazaka'Allahu khair for the lovely scarf and pin. I truly liked the color of both. the scarf looks so sparkly and great for summer! I can not wait to wear it! I will come back to shop again soon!

– Aisha

I am very excited to place my 1st purchase of Modern Hejab!! I've heard nothing but good things from their customer service and I want to try it out myself! My first purchase will definitely be the arabic calligraphy clutches and hijabs! Can't wait!

– Rana

My hijab are absolutely wonderful! My linen hijab is light and airy and my turban hijab is such a relief for mohajaba who want a fast, easy way to keep modest. Shipping was prompt and professional. I will definitely do business again with Mona!

– Erin

I ordered a few scarves and a calligraphy purse from your website after days of researching sites in different countries for things that were a little different and colorful for spring. I got my order very quickly and I am very pleased with the quality and design you have to offer customers as well as your personal touches in customer service. Thank you! I will definitely shop on your site again and recommend it to others. :)

– Jodi Styre Yaseen

Salam Mona: I got my second shipment today and love the hijabs. Most importantly, I highly appreciate how you took time to reply all my emails over the weekends. Thanks and take care

– Shaista Mohammad

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