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Diary of a Modern Mohajaba Bride – Part II

February 27, 2012 2 Comments by Mona Ismaeil

Diary of a Modern Mohajaba Bride Part II

Here I am with PART II of my 2 part article; “Diary of a Modern Mohajaba Bride”.  PART I, all about my dress;if you have not read it, please do! It will give you a little peek into my struggle to find the perfect dress as a mohajaba.

After the wedding, we have of course the long awaited and much anticipated honeymoon.  For our honeymoon, we went to Sharm El Sheikh, a beautiful resort city right on the Red Sea. “What in the world, would a mohajaba wear to the beach?”  In 3 years, of wearing hijab this was my first real time at the beach, so I was wondering exactly that.  Most people assume that a mohajaba will be held back from adventure due to her dress. Unfortunately, it is due to the way many Muslims practice Islam. Plainly it`s out of ignorance,  but seriously, just because I am a mohajaba, does not mean that I am not outgoing and adventurous!

On this trip I learnt a few lessons and developed a list of “must knows” for all the mohajabas out there.  Honeymoon or not, you need to be ready!

1. The Pool/Beach:  Of course pools don’t let you in the water if you are not wearing proper swimming attire. I was however  impressed to see a beautiful mohajaba emerge from the pool wearing a lovely polka dot Islamic swim suit. I was so proud of her! Surrounded by women in their little bikinis she still looked amazing and she didn’t let her hijab hold her back from enjoying herself.

I personally, wore my very comfortable black leggings and a light weight long sleeve shirt. I suggest wearing a cotton long sleeve or ¾ sleeve. Also, if you are planning to hit the water, grab a rash guard top from any swimwear store (You can read about that on my “To Gym or Not to Gym” Article). Of course you are wondering about the hijab. I alternated between the Spanish Style , the Turban Wrap as well as a simple loosely draped look.

2. Outing Accessories: YES! You need accessories! They simply add to your fabulousness!  I did not head out without my oversized Vogue sunglasses. Also, keep in mind your footwear. To be a fabulous MODERN Mohajaba, you will need a few pairs of shoes:

  • Flip Flop sandals for the beach and the pool side.
  • Lovely walking around flats – Mine were leopard print.
  • Sneakers for more adventurous outings that require walking or my case riding an ATV through the desert at night.  I prefer Puma shoes.
  • A hot heel for the night out – Once again, I had a leopard print pair.

3. Snorkelling: We got to go out on this wonderful adventure which encompassed all that is Sharm El Sheikh.  Part of it was snorkelling. Now, what in the world does a mohajaba wear snorkelling?  We went to rent our equipment including the wet suits and the employee was fitting everyone on our trip (I was the only mohajaba).  After fitting my husband, I was waiting for my turn.  After a moment I realized he was not going to fit me for a suit. I politely told him I needed one too. He was like “I’m sorry, we only have the ones that cut off at the knee”. He, like most assumed that I would not snorkel because I wore hijab.  He didn’t know that a MODERN Mohajaba is always ready.  I had my leggings to wear. I slipped them on under my suit and I was ready to go!  I took one of my cotton hijabs, tied it tightly in the Spanish style and heading out to the water. It was absolutely amazing! There were so many colourful and incredible fish. Mashallah, it was so special.

4. The “hijabi tan”: I LOVE a nice tan, but the hijabi tan is the worst tan ever! I know people would argue that it’s easy to cover because the un-tanned area is under my hijab and nobody sees it. My argument is… I SEE IT! Then I look like a “freak” as my husband likes to tease. I suppose there is no way to avoid it unless you kept your hijab really loose and let it sit at your hair line.  Anyway, it took me over a month to get rid of it.

5. The Stares: Anyone who is laying there half dressed in +30 heat seeing a woman dressed from head to toe is going to stare.  I just say, be confident, you have just as much right to be there as they do! Plus who doesn’t love the beach?!

6. The “Where are you from?”: As you all know, I am white as white and I do not look the least bit Egyptian. Before I wore hijab people thought I was Spanish (a nice compliment). My husband I realized that depending on how I tied my hijab, people assumed I was from a different place. For example; Spanish style meant they spoke to us in Italian.  Loose wrap meant we were “Arab” which is supposed to refer to those people from the Gulf.  The turban style meant we were from Jordan. Nobody ever guessed Egyptian! How annoying! Now to top it all off, I am white so people assumed I didn’t speak Arabic.

7. The Flight: Whether you are travelling near or far it can be so uncomfortable. We were travelling for about 24 hours in total with each stop over. Here’s a fact. You will get annoyed with your hijab! When I travel, I usually wear my 2 piece Amira hijab for the majority of the flight, and then have a nicer hijab in my bag to change into at the end so I go back to looking prim and proper for meeting my family.  It helps also if every time or every few times you go to the bathroom, you take your hijab off, undo your hair tie and let your hair, and neck breath even for a moment.  This will ensure comfort for the duration of your flight.

Well these are some of my experiences and InshAllah your trips (honeymoons or not) will always be fun, exciting and SAFE!


Be sure to leave me some of your tips and hints too!



  1. Ramy Mostafa
    938 days ago

    I think how you look to your hijab with pride that makes you know how to enjoy yourself and doesn’t make anything hold you back like west cultures of if you’re not wearing a bikini or a normal swimming suit would make you look weird or not good etc..


    • Mona Ismaeil
      937 days ago

      Thank you so much Ramy. I really didn’t feel weird or awkward. It’s always a great feeling when you stay true to your faith. Elhamduallah!


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