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Mona Ismaeil is the Owner of Modern Hejab. She is an elementary school teacher by profession but decided to take her love for Islam and hijab along with her desire to inspire young women and created Moden Hejab.

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Modern Hijab Tutorial: Easy Khaliji Style!

March 2, 2012 2 Comments by Mona Ismaeil

If you know hijab fashion, you know that the gulf countries are the “Mecca” of hijab fashion! The highest fashions in hijab come from there and I have been inspired by them to create this hijab tutorial showing you an easy Khaliji hijab style.

It is such a quick and easy hijab style, you’ll want to use it every day! IT’S AS EASY AS 1-2-3-4-5!


NOTE: The hijab you choose to use can not have a front and a back. It does not have to be a heavy material, just has to have a pattern on both sides.

1. Place the hijab on your head leaving one side longer than the other

2. Place two pins to hold down the hijab at your temples.

3. Wrap the hijab as you would a regular wrap leaving the hijab to drape a little in the front(draping is optional).

4. Grab the bottom of the hijab at the back of your neck and lift it over your head you would a hood and place the edge of it about in the middle of your head.

5.  Pin the sides to secure the hijab.

Inshallah you will be trying out this hijab style and I look forward to seeing pictures of your trials! Be sure to “make it your own”!


Khaliji Style Hijab Wrap


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