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The Perfect Boots for Your Winter Fashion!

January 1, 2013 No Comments by Mona Ismaeil

The colder weather has approached us and what better way to embrace the season than with the perfect pair of stylish boots.  Women from all over the world are pondering the notion to wear a boot with a long skirt or dress.  The choice can get tricky but by remembering these styling rules, selecting the right pair of boots as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

How to select the correct style boot:

1. Skirt Length and Fit. The skirt or dress length will help determine the type of boot.  An ankle-length skirt should be worn with a sleek, fitted over-the- calf boot.  Trending styles will often go against the normal styling rules.   However, there are many benefits to this styling tip.  An over-the-calf boot not only provides protection to the leg from the elements but also provides a seamless appearance to form-fitted skirts.   As a basic styling rule, as the skirt length shortens, so should the boot length.  Also, it is best to wear a more relaxed styled boot with a less form- fitted skirt or dress.

2. Boot Heel Type and Length. There are many types of boot heels.  Boot heels can be square, skinny, high or short, wedged or flat.  This is why the boot’s heel should be considered when selecting the right type of boot.  There is no doubt that either of these types of heels could be worn with a long skirt or dress.  The heel is often determined by comfort of fit.  If you are a Fashionista that prefers comfort over style, select the style that best suits your needs.  A skinnier and taller heel is recommended for dressier occasions while a square shorter heel or wedge heel is recommended for casual occasions.

3. Fabric, Detail and Color. The fabric and color of the boot is also a very good way to help determine which style is best to be paired with a long skirt.  Neutral tones are more versatile.  Every Fashionista’s closet should consist of black, brown and/or gray boots for easy styling.  Although many styles are now made with man-made fabrics, Leather is always the better choice.  A great boot is an investment, selecting the right fit, fabric and color will ensure long wear.  You can add texture by selecting a style that has a combination of smooth leather and brushed suede.  Also, selecting a style that includes details like buckles, lacing and stitching details.

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