These striking Turkish square scarves are for the chic and refined mohajaba. Turkish women have a unique way of wearing hijab and it is extremely stylish! Turkish hijabs come in a variety of fabrics, patterns and styles but they are all equally beautiful. No longer are the square scarves just for our grandmothers, they are timeless and ageless.

Turkish Hijab

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Turkish Hijab Solid Turkish Hijab Turkish Hijab Solid Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab Solid

Turkish hijabs are elegant and classy. They are...
Diva Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab- Diva

This square hijab is soft and feminine. Perfect...
Retro Print Turkish Hijab Retro Print Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab- Retro Print

Funky and fashionable, that’s what this beautiful ...
Tapestry Turkish Hijab Tapestry Turkish Hijab

Turkish Hijab- Tapestry

This beautiful square hijab is a lovely tapestry o...
Turkish Hijab