3 Ways Prayer Changed My Life
I am proud to say that since my last blog article about Prayer “I Prayed Five Times Today”, I have been consistent in my prayers. It was not easy and so many times I wanted to give up feeling like this would never become a habit. I kept feeling like I didn’t have it in me.  I continued and Elhamduallah, I did.  The other day I had a breakthrough with my prayers. It was a turning point, where I become very aware of this incredible and probably not all that surprising change that took place. 2 days ago I had a very busy day with the kids. It was so much running around that I j..
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Recognizing the Difference Between Culture and Religion
There seems to be a real confusion about the difference between culture and religion. What is culture? What is religion? How do they relate? How do they influence our lives? The average Joe uses the terms interchangeably but there is a significant difference that we must be clear about.What is culture?Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, and cuisine to social habits, music and more.  The easiest way to understand is to imagine you are walking through the streets of old Cairo.  You are sur..
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5 Tips for Covering Your Neck When Hijab Styling
There are a ton of videos on YouTube with new and exciting hijab styles that you may be dying to try but the concern is often the neck coverage. Many styles are not designed to cover the neck so we need to try other ways of providing the same coverage.  Here are 5 tried and tested ways of covering your neck while enjoying a new hijab look.1. A Ninja Underscarf:These are a must-have for any Mohajaba. They give you two in one coverage. Head and neck. They are so comfortable and come in many colors and styles.  You can find them with a basic front, a pleated crisscross front and..
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Tips for Mixing Patterns. How to Get it Just Right
I will not deny that I am not the best at pattern mixing. I think for me it's more of a hesitation than an inability. I have been trying to explore this part of the fashion world a little more and I decided this year was going to be the year I take more fashion risks with patterns!  Will you join me?Your pattern mixing can go one of 3 ways (Like the 3 little bears. Yes I’m a mom!):1. Totally too matchy matchy!  Not good!2. Major clash!  Not good!3. Exactly on point! Just Right!I had to do some research and I couldn't possibly keep the findings to myself! ..
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4 Ways to Beat the Winter Outfit Blues
Winters in Canada are long and cold. Although it can be a bit trickier to be super stylish when you are all bundled up, it is doable! Do you find that the tops or hijabs you reach for in the morning are darker colors? I do, and I’m sure I’m not alone!Although it’s tempting to grab your comfy black sweater over your pink one, there are some easy ways to add a pop of color into your wardrobe to beat the winter outfit blues.1. Grab a Bright Bag:Put your black and brown bags in the back of your closet. Those bags you think are just “summer bags” are what you need to perk up your outfit..
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Outfit of the Day: How to Wear a Tweed Blazer
Every top designer of all time from Chanel to Armani have had a tweed blazer walking down the runway. Tweed is not only for high fashion. Mainstream clothing stores such as H&M and Zara have had, and continue to have tweed blazers grace their shelves. Not only that, celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing tweed blazers.  Tweed fabric is timeless and ageless. Often recognized as “granny chic”, tweed is for any fashionista, in any season!I had never thought of purchasing a tweed blazer but this beauty came as a gift f..
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The Importance of Sisterhood

Sisterhood. There is an unspoken bond that develops between girls and women as we go through life. It starts out as a best friend in elementary school. It’s that girl you spend every waking hour with as a child. The girl you exchange friendship bracelets, dress like twins with and plan to be each other’s bridesmaids.  Later on she’s your study buddy. She’s the one you learn about the taboo things you can’t talk to your parents about and the one who covers for you when you are late coming home. Although having a group of sisters is essential throughout life, it becomes more and more important as we reach adulthood.

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7 Reasons I Thank God
My dear children,As I lay here in my bed squished between the two of you, your little legs wrapped around mine, and your heads on my chest fast asleep I listen to you breathe.   I hold you both so tightly running my fingers through your hair. My heart aches for the mothers around the world that do not have chance to do just this. I feel somewhat guilty for taking these moments for granted. I feel guilty for the nights I rushed you to sleep, and hurried out of your room because I had “other things to do”.I can’t help but feel pain and despair for the mothers who are scrambling..
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7 Steps ; The Journey to Hijab
Starting to wear hijab is a journey.  It can be a long and obstacle filled journey or a smooth ride. Each sister has her own journey. No two sisters will have the same or even similar journey. I have developed 7 steps that will guide you on this journey and by following these steps, I hope to make your journey more meaningful, seamless and more enjoyable.Knowledge: Ask yourself “Why do we wear hijab?” This is about understanding the REAL reason Allah (swt) has outlined for us to dawn the hijab. It is more than just memorizing the the verses in the Quran that speak to the ..
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Halal Nail Henna - Product Review
What is halal nail polish?! It is a type of nail polish which allows moisture to seep through the layer of product so that when wudu is made the water reaches all parts of the nail bed.  I have always been skeptical of what they call “Halal Nail Polish”.  I had heard of brands like Inglot that claim to have a breathable nail polish which still allowed us to make wudu. I couldn’t understand exactly how it would do that seeing I was clearly covering my nail when I applied the nail polish just like any other. This didn’t make sense to me. It seemed to me like we were stretching a little..
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Outfit of the Day - Chic Mommy
I absolutely love this outfit! No reason being a mom should take away from you looking and feeling amazing! I love how this outfit is really easy and so practical for running around but still looks chic and stylish.I adore a button up blouse/shirt. This one here is a really light wash denim which is super versatile and believe it or not can be dressed up or down.  They can be worn with basically any color pant or skirt. Light denim just goes with everything!I’ve showcased my light denim jeans before. You can see them in my "Stripes and Sparkles" outfit post.  I love these lig..
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The Inconvenience of Love
From when we were young girls, we were wired to believe that as princesses would meet our prince charming in some romantic, unexpected way, and he would sweep us off our feet then we would dance together in the moonlight. What a load of garbage! I actually feel sorry for my young self for believing that! A girl can spend years planning her wedding; every detail down to the last flower petal but does she ever think about the marriage itself? Has she even been taught to care about the marriage vs. the wedding? Do we ever really think about the details of the relationship we may have with our spo..
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What Is In My Bag Challenge
I remember when Manessa was 18 months old, I posted on Instagram that I was done with diaper bags and had reclaimed my own purse while granting her an adorable Dora backpack to carry her items. This day, was one of the happiest days of my new mom life! Seriously! I had suffered for 18 months with having to give up my handbags because I was carrying millions of her items (most of which were “just in case”).  I opted to do the regular “mom thing” and carry a diaper bag instead. My lovely sister-in-law tried to get me a diaper bag that didn’t really resemble a diaper bag but in the end, a di..
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7 Common Questions About Hijab and How to Answer
It is a natural reaction to be very frustrated with the questions we sometimes get asked from Non-Muslims. We expect them to know about hijab or Islam and deem their questions as “stupid” or “ignorant”.  Well remember that ignorance is just lack of knowledge or understanding. Although these questions may get on our very last nerve, we can definitely use these moments as “teaching moments” to create more understanding. So I will share with you some of the top questions I have received, and how; rather than get in a fist fight; you can answer them.1. Has your husband seen your hair?..
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I Prayed All Five Prayers Today
I prayed all five prayers today. I realize you are wondering why I would dedicate a whole blog post to this but for me it’s a big deal. I’m not proud to say it, but truthfully, I have struggled with prayer for a long time. I do vaguely remember a short period where I was very much into it. But as I said, it was a short period of time. I’m 30 now with 2 children of my own and I guess having children, makes you evaluate your own life, your actions, where you came from and where you are going. After-all wherever you go, they will follow.  I look at my little Manessa. She’s already m..
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